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Marcia Diane

Marcia Diane
A deep love abides within each of us. Opening to that love, feeling it within every cell of our body, moment to moment, with reverence -- despite this being unfashionable in many circles -- with heart-felt gratitude, without reservation, without restraint, is to experience the Divine. Experiencing the Divine is our inheritance: the peak or ecstatic experience we so long for. Experiencing the Divine brings knowledge and joy. All we need to do is remember or become a member of Divinity once again! Relax and open to IT. Then share your newfound love with others.

This Great Love resides within. Call IT the Holy Spirit, Life, the Force, our Divine Essence, God, Jesus, Allah, the ECK - whatever term used matters not. Only that you LIVE IT. This energy, this glory - is always with you. IT can transform and exalt your state of consciousness, right here, right now. In the midst of the tumultuous 1970s, borne from torment and struggle, I experienced the twin pillars of Inner Light and Sound, and discovered my true identity -- Soul. Thus began my quest to live in full consciousness. For me, creating and viewing uplifting works of art facilitates this awesome, demanding, and rewarding journey.

My paintings honor Souls in communion - with friends, self and this Divine Essence. When I create from a state of inner connection and wholeness, when I allow this Holy Spirit to flow uninhibited through me, using me as Its vehicle, I feel tremendous joy and energy. This feeling becomes a permanent part of the piece being created and viewers of the finished art can feel it.

My art has been exhibited on covers of books and magazines and in numerous art shows, churches of various denominations, and treatment centers throughout the USA. It has received countless tears and words of appreciation, touching the hearts of many, evoking a sense of "YES!" My spiritual themes touch Soul in a unique way; multicultural themes welcome and acknowledge all human beings. I work to be part of a movement taking place today in the healing professions, to use art both as therapy and rejuvenation, process and product.

Personal and collective awakening is accelerating around the globe today. It is time to walk our talk -- to dance and sing it; to move into the fullness of our Being. We all want the same things - love, fulfillment and happiness.

Let us celebrate our unique gifts, our differences, our similarities, and our mutual desire for peace and connection. Portraying our ideals visually can help counter negative conditioning and empower us to move forward toward personal, relational, and global healing. We can use this to open further to our aliveness by actively participating with a spiritual painting.

I invite you to try this spiritual exercise: Relax. Listen to your inner guidance and the sound current within you. Look for light or a sacred teacher of your choice. Use your Divine gift of imagination. Pay attention to your experience. Ask for and trust Divine Guidance. Allow limiting patterns to dissipate and new waves of life energy to permeate your being. Take one half-hour each day to contemplate your inner worlds and learn who you truly are. Let us celebrate our grand and sacred journey into the heart of Life.

Our survival depends upon love. You can choose to be radically alive. Isn't it time to recognize and celebrate the spiritual heart of our lives? Will we own the naturalness and universality of this without creation of new ways to divide us? It's an on-going challenge for each of us.

How will you live your experience today?

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